Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

Online sensation, star of the smash hit The Wine O’Clock Show with over 130,000 viewers each week, Tamara Wrigley is more than a pretty face. She has carved out her own career online and offline and has become a highly sought-after influencer and brand ambassador to the likes of Myer, fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon, BMW and many more.

Not only is Tamara a great friend of mine, she is a past client and I am so proud of her stepping out of her introvert-shell to become one of Australia’s leading presenters and influencers. I chat with ‘Tam’ about her road to success and how became an online sensation with over 1 million views of her Youtube TV show in just one season. 

Tam Wrigley

The married, mother of two is a business woman in her own right owning one of the most successful real estate agencies in northern Queensland with her husband Peter.

Starting her real estate career at 18, Tamara put her dreams of being a television host on hold and within 12 months she had started her first real estate business growing from 30 properties of 370.

On the side, Tamara and her husband began to invest in property development where she has developed projects including units, townhouses through to light industrial sheds and subdivisions which meant Tamara began to concentrate on property develop full-time.

The result, Tamara became one of the youngest female property moguls in Brisbane and by the age of 30 Tamara was a multi-millionaire with a healthy property portfolio of over 30 properties and became a very well-respected businesswoman.


By the age of 30 Tamara was a multi-millionaire with a healthy property portfolio of over 30 properties.

In 2002, Tamara had her first child, a son Ashton and then two years later, her daughter Mikayla was born.

tam wrigley red carpet


In 2008, Tamara and her husband decided to head back into real estate agency to complement their Property Development business. They purchased a small agency with 170 residential properties and started to expand again.

Within 12 months Tamara had grown the business by 55%, in 2010 65% on the previous year and by 2011 had increased the business by over 75% and grew to 1000 residential and commercial properties.

By 2011, Tamara had developed her real estate credentials from small to large portfolios, managing property management divisions, training staff and developing new offices. It was during this time she decided to reflect back on her dream to become a television personality when she was 18.

In 2014 after a significant health scare, Tamara decided reassess her career and reignite her dream starting her own online channel called LifeStyle TV which iStyle TV is an online show along with The Wine O’clock Show.


On iStyle TV Tamara chats to local, national and international fashion designers, fashion houses, celebrity designers and stylists giving viewers an insight into their past to present fashion journey. The program also offers tips and ‘how to’ advise on beauty, fashion, diet, relationships and lifestyle.

Renowned for putting people at ease; her one on one chats with guests who reveal their achievements, struggles, challenges and knowledge about how they have built their fashion empire.


The Wine O’Clock Show is a step up and now with over 130,00 viewers each week.


On the back of this shows success, Tamara developed a new web series last year called The Wine O’Clock Show. The Wine O’Clock Show is a step up and now with over 130,00 viewers each week. The concept is simple, an entertainment show with two celebrities joining Tamara on the couch each week and talk about the week that was.

The Wine O’Clock Show is now one of the fastest growing shows on social media, You Tube and Facebook.


The WIne O Clock Show with Genine Howard


Q. Tam, what is your mission for yourself in business?

Success – no one goes into business to fail. When I start a business my purpose is to one be successful but to create a business that is going to be the best in its field and a good environment for people to work in.

Q. What do you stand for?

Loyalty is a big one for me, I have to feel like the people I surround myself with have my back 100% and are loyal to me and my business. Ethics is another trait I always encourage and live by. Nothing grinds my gears more than unethical and dishonest people.

I try to always put out into the universe what I want to come back to me – Love, Trust, Success, Achievement, Empowerment and these words will mean different things to different people which is what I love about them.

Q. What are your top 5 keys to business (and or life) success?

Hard work – Rome wasn’t built in a day, in fact the Colosseum took eight years to build and 2000 years later, it’s still standing. Don’t give up!

Start with the end in mind. What is it you want to achieve and work back from there. Having your business vision is important and know your “WHY” is even more important.  Also arm yourself with Knowledge – Knowledge is power!

One of my all time favourite sayings that applies to life and business is the 7 P’s: Prior; Pre; Planning ; Prevents; Piss; Poor; Performance.

Pretty much sums it up right there! My staff have this saying up on their desk walls around the office, not by my doing, but because they loved it so much.

Another key to my business success is that I am always reviewing and evolving.

I always will look at my cost centre and see where I can save money but still maintain the same level of product and service. It is so competitive out there in the marketplace and companies are wanting to give you a better deal than their competitor.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate either.  
When it comes to the evolution side of the business, I am always looking at ways to make my team and my business run smoother and more time effective.

Listen and Learn – Listen to your clients/customers weathers it’s complaints or compliments, advice or direction, there may just be some tidbits you can absorb and take on board and maybe even implement into your business to make it run better.  I’ve been in real estate for 20 year and still learn new things all the time and get great ideas from other around me.


Q. What is something most people don’t know about you?

There is probably a lot! I am very shy, to the point that I can suffer from anxiety. I remember doing my first red carpet at the TV Week Logie Awards and suffered a massive anxiety attack at the thought of having to interview all these celebrities on the red carpet. A good friend of mine at the time managed to calm me down and gave me some great advice.

Tam and Peter Wrigley

Tam and husband Peter. PIC courtesy Profile Magazine

I remember doing my first red carpet at the TV Week Logie Awards and suffered a massive anxiety attack at the thought of having to interview all these celebrities on the red carpet.

I use to play bass guitar in a rock band when I was 16. We played cover songs like Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Pat Benatar, Baby Animals and so much more. It wasn’t your backyard or garage type band, we were that good that we use to play in the local pubs in our area.

Q. What would you like to share with other women in business?

I guess for me I can share my journey, my experience in business and empower and motivate women to succeed and strive for their desires and dreams. I think we can achieve anything we want if we eliminate fear and doubt and embrace our dreams and desires. I believe fear and doubt are the reason why some people don’t feel fulfilled.  Lets fill our cups up with what we want in life!


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