Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

Daniela Ion, is a success coach for creative female entrepreneurs and the founder of Abundant Life. She is also an award-winning singer/songwriter with a celebrated music career. Daniela is now using her unique combination of music and coaching to inspire and encourage women worldwide.


Meet Daniela:


I am a success coach for creative female entrepreneurs I bring the art of on–demand creativity to ignite the dream within. I also combine the power of music to inspire, encourage and motivate.


I activate inspirational creativity in women who want their entrepreneurial journey to have point of difference using their gifts and talents. I am able to identify unique signature strengths, inspire women to think out of the box to pursue their ultimate calling, in turn creating a business that is innovative and unconventional.


My core message is that so many women have placed the pause button on their lives due to all sorts of circumstances, it is now time for the unconventional woman to rise and bring her message to the fore to impact others.  


I have a desire to see many women who have given up or don’t know how to start their creative journey again after so many disappointments. Resurrect the dream inside of them and awaken their inner gifts to shine in a place of chaos and despair.  


My plans for 2017 is to see so many women that I come into contact with to launch themselves, create an abundant lifestyle and become more visible with confidence and excellence.

I also plan to have an international release of music that will motivate and pierce the hearts of humanity to arise to their calling.


Some of the highlights have been working with some amazing women who have such huge goals and are so driven by their purpose.  Many of them are in the process of launching or making huge decisions to go to the next level in the marketplace. I work with such a diverse group of women, from musicians, designers, authors, political arena, artists, start-ups and speakers.


My biggest major success would be a client that has taken the step to start her own business in a very competitive industry; throughout our coaching she has blossomed with confidence to take the giant leap into owning her own business. She has also unconventionally added her own unique touch to how the business is going to impact people from the inside out. We were able to get her mindset prepared and for her to step into her greatness as a successful business owner, adding inspirational creativity to her business.


Working with Genine has shifted and transformed me in so many ways. Especially in the in the area of mindset and believing in my self worth as person of impact and influence. She has been able to tap into my gifts and helped me not to self-sabotage anymore as I get closer to breakthrough. Genine has given me the tools in how to trust my instinct and carry myself as a person of grace and ease. Through her techniques I have been able to create a tribe of women that are authentic and ready to be empowered.  

Genine has given me the tools in how to trust my instinct and carry myself as a person of grace and ease.

I would recommend women to work with Genine if they want to go up a level in thinking and seeing an abundant life manifest. She is a person of action and expects the same from you. If you are serious about an upgrade in your thinking and business growth then you need to speak to Genine.




My advice for women starting their own business is that if you feel a deep desire to serve humanity it must be something that you love, an area or topic that you love to talk about and that will help solve a problem.  


Being an entrepreneur is you having to be dedicated and putting in the effort, it all pays off in the long run. You have to have a go-getting attitude with resilience and be a person that doesn’t take no for an answer.


Whether you are a performing artist, author or a designer you are in business, you need to know yourself inside out and be willing to walk out towards the edge and take a free fall. Be prepared to have a journey that you will never forget.


My version of an Extraordinary Life is having the freedom to travel, speak and bring music to those who want to once again connect to their true identity.  


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Photography by Emmy Etie