Why A Crisis Can Be Your Greatest Gift
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Business isn’t always smooth sailing, in fact, if you are doing things right – expect for things to go wrong! But a crisis in your business needn’t be a time to have a meltdown, rather there very well could be a pot of gold on the other side.

I have run my own companies businesses now for over eight years and I have had my fair share of wins and successes. But I have also had quite a few times when things haven’t gone well … at all. In fact, I have even been (and it feels vulnerable for me to share) threatened with law suits.  Not once. But three times.

Plus there have been the times when cash-flow has stopped. Or a big client pulls out leaving a major cash hole. Or when a valuable team member has walked out right at deadline. Or when technology crashed and we lost an entire magazine that we had worked on for weeks … the list goes on. And personally, I wouldn’t change those incidents for the world.

Problems are – good or bad – a common occurrence in business. In fact, the bigger you grow, the more issues that seem to arise. Anyone agree? And, the higher the profile you or your business has, often the more you attract unwanted attention.

It’s interesting that in the world of business learning / coaching / courses etc. we often hear about how wonderful business will be, how much money we will make, the lives we will change and so on, but rarely do we talk about what happens when the preverbal poo hits the fan.

And believe me, it’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’.

However, all those moments of things going ‘wrong’ can actually be the greatest gift to you and your business. Really!

It is all in the way that you frame the said ‘issue’ and more importantly, what lesson you take from it. And take heed – if you do not find the lesson from a problem, be sure that it will no doubt rise again to be looked at.

I find it’s the Universe’s way of giving us signs of what needs to be looked at, and if those signs are ignored then a crisis is surely to unfold in due course.

So here are my takeaways about why crisis in your business can be your greatest gift;

  1. I am a believer that problems occur in your business as an opportunity to highlight any areas that can be improved (as opposed to thinking about them as ‘problems’).
  2. A crisis is actually the Universe’s way of avoiding a major disaster – think of it like this; you may well have been heading straight for a cliff, however the ‘crisis’ is an opportunity to steer away from the disaster. It’s the Universe’s way of ‘saving you!
  3. A crisis now means you never have to experience it again – so long as you learn from it!

So even though in the midst of a crisis it can feel like to world is ending, know that it is there to provide you with a golden opportunity to learn, grow … and do something different.


Genine Howard
CEO & Editor Life Extraordinary Magazine








Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues.

With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances.

She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them confidence, branding and mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe, passionate, on-purpose life.