Thinking of sacking your coach?
Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

It could be a woman or a man. In either case, when you decide to hire a person to help you overcome or improve a situation you are taking a leap of faith with which you say:

I am willing.

To trust you.

To trust me.

To open up.

To let you in. 

And regardless of how good each other’s intentions are at the beginning, there are times in which coaching … hurts!

At some point, your coach may project her own frustrations.

She may not differentiate between what works for you from what works for her.

She may be able to point out what’s wrong, but not able to help you get to the core of the problem to solve it.

Even worse, she may say something insensitive that feels like a punch in the stomach.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

So, what can you do when you are left feeling worse than you did before?


There are 3 things you can do to feel at ease with your coach again:

1. Be compassionate – toward yourself and your coach. You both have your own stuff going on.

2. Acknowledge how you feel. Whether you do it privately or decide to let her know your feelings, it’s important to accept what happened.

3. Forgive your coach. She did the best she could to help you. She couldn’t do BETTER.


Don’t stop there, up-level your coaching practice. Whenever you feel your own frustrations being stirred up, STOP! And ask within: what would help client right now?

Forgiving is by far the most loving thing you could do. I had to do it too. Yet, we must also remember that coaches and other professionals, are not magicians. They cannot transform on your behalf.

They bring in the trick and you bring in the magic.







Lorena Nunez

I’m now on a mission to help powerful female entrepreneurs, who are the soul of their business.  When they get stuck in the “doing”, I help them get out of overwhelm, so they can create new opportunities, serve better, and allow money to flow in.

Are you available to receive what you so much want to give in the world?

  • Feel seen and heard firstly by you.
  • Step out of overwhelm and confusion. Get back in alignment!
  • Reconnect to your natural gifts and bringing them into your business strategically.
  • Figure out the beliefs and rules that still hold you back.
  • Claim your power back in your relationships with loved ones, clients.
  • And importantly, feel loved, appreciated and provided in your relationship and business again.
Join me for an open conversation. If you are ready to allow a radical shift to happen for you and your business, let’s connect. I am offering my FREE Seen & Heard Open Sessions for a select group of women available to a new level of clarity and aligned action. Know that you can:
  1. Firstly, say it as it is… without drama.
  2. Figure out what is out of integrity in your life and business.
  3. And Relax! Put off the coaching hat, so that you can lean back and receive clarity about the next level of growth for you.
 So, no more little hidden secrets! The shame of overspending, the lack of intimacy with your partner, resentment against your business, the unavailability to receive. My FREE Seen & Heard Open Session is for us to go within and see how can I help.