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Are you a Soloist or Seasoned Performer? Raechel De Marchi shows how you could be playing out a role that doesn’t serve you well and causing your setbacks. Find out if you are unconsciously performing for failure!


Who are you?

A ‘Soloist’;

  • Knows the benefits of putting yourself first;
  • Trusts and listen to their intuition (a.k.a. ‘Inner Soloist’);
  • Conducts their own life and leads from the front;
  • Hustles every day to achieve their goals;
  • Actively designs and creates their life, desires and experiences;
  • Lives to the beat of their own drum.


A ‘Seasoned Performer’;

  • Struggles to find time themselves;
  • Experiences disconnect from their intuition (‘Inner Soloist’);
  • Follows the crowd and listens to opinions of others;
  • Struggles to say no;
  • Is constantly searching externally for enjoyment, purpose and approval;
  • Is often pouring from an empty cup.

If you said yes to any of the above, let’s find your Inner Soloist and rebalance your life.


Your Inner Soloist is your intuition.


As humans, we are born with the desire to connect. Centuries ago it was the connections we made that decided if we lived or died.


Not true for our present day. Sure, we are all brought into this world bound to our own ‘tribe’’ being our family, however as we grow into adults we can choose to LEAD or be LED.


I am 32 years old and single. I am often asked “Why are you still single, what’s wrong with you?”. It is a societal view that many of us as women take on.


Resulting in us forever searching outside of ourselves for fulfilment, approval and answers to what we should and shouldn’t be doing as a woman. Falling into this societal trap only disconnects us from our Inner Soloist.


If you want to live the extraordinary life you have envisioned for yourself you need to, reconnect, listen and trust what your Inner Soloist is telling you.


Relying on ‘Mr Right’ or others to make everything happen for you just isn’t realistic. We all know this, yet even I have fallen into the trap of letting others take over my Conductor’s Baton and decide what music my Inner Soloist will play – until NOW!


I was recently stood up by friends, an hour before a theatre show they had bought tickets too – this wasn’t the first time for this to happen. So, once again I now had a choice. Do I allow others to cause me to miss out on a show, I had been waiting all year to see or GO SOLO? I took a moment to allow for my Inner Soloist to speak up.


My Inner Soloist sang: “Go! If not now, when?” I took a deep breath and embraced the choice to choose me. Listening to my Inner Soloist shook my self-belief and personal power to the core. I actively decided to live for me.


Which led to an enjoyable Cabaret, meeting new people, belly laughs and even a fab girl moment with the performer! All possible because I chose to live in a moment of enjoyment for no one else except me.


Every day we are faced with choices i.e. when to get up, what to eat/wear etc. So, why do we make choices that are often dictated by the opinions of others?


Guess What? You will always have YOU! Who better to have your back or show up in a crisis?


So, let’s decide right now, to start choosing YOU more often.


Imagine how your world could be if you were no longer looking through someone else’s eyes.


Our family/friends are important people, that make up pieces in our game of life. However, they should add value and truth to your already awesome existence – not be the one’s playing your game.


So, do you want to start playing joyous music with your own Inner Soloist?

Here’s my top 3 tips to creating your own music:

NO: When deciding, take a moment to ask your Inner Soloist – Will this make me happy, give me joy, or provide me with an opportunity to grow?

True/False Guilt – Side effect of “No”. When people place their own guilt on you for doing so. Stop and ask your Inner Soloist – have I done something wrong that I should genuinely feel guilty about, or are they making me feel guilty for personal gain?

Grounding Moments/Breathe: Difficult decision/overwhelmed? Go for a walk, put your feet in the grass and breathe deep.


So, start creating space for your Inner Soloist to sing to you. She will never lead you astray as she speaks from your own HEART so breathe, and let her in.


Raechel De Marchi 

Raechel De Marchi

Roar Dynamix Mechanix is a Health, Dance and Fitness team based in Brisbane. RDM’s Leading Lady – Raechel De Marchi combines her love and 20+ years of dance training with her Fitness Qualifications to bring you Fitness Fusion. Our fusion of different training methods allows anyone of any age and fitness level to improve their fitness and strength. With the added benefit of improving their stability, agility, flexibility and mobility all at the same time.