Secrets To French Beauté
Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

When I think of beauty that is effortless and chic, it’s always the French Woman who comes to mind. She seems to have a natural ability to appear so put together in such an underrated and totally played down way. Just a natural ‘je ne sais quoi’ as the French would say.

For the French woman it’s all about maintenance and routine. French women treat their beauty routines as part of their everyday lifestyles, not just indulgences to treat themselves with occasionally. French women learn from a very early age the importance of a great beauty routine and the benefits of that down the line.  Its starts from their teenage years and becomes ingrained and passed down through the generations. French women know not to wait until the fine lines, sunspots and wrinkles have set in they are prepping their whole lives for the fight against time.

The French Woman’s Beauté Routine

Cleanse – The French woman is all about good skin not lots of makeup and she knows how important cleansing is to maintain this beautiful glowing skin. She will remove her make-up every night without fail (even if it’s the only thing she does after too many Champagnes) and for this a good quality Micellar Water is an effortless way to remove all traces of makeup and grime without even having to rinse! Usually, a double cleanse is undertaken with a good quality cleanser for her face.

And the French woman wouldn’t be without the healing powers of her thermal spring water to use after cleansing, set makeup for a more natural looking appearance or keep her face hydrated during the day (even over make-up).

Body – keeping her skin glowing is a top priority for the French woman, and is also a ritual in her bathing routine each day. Cold showers play an important part to boosting circulation and getting the skin glowing as does exfoliation of the body at least once a week. And of course after bathing the French woman always moisturisers with a beautiful indulgent lotion or oil.

Hair – the French woman knows the importance of healthy looking hair, a great haircut and natural colour (achieved with the help of an expert colourist, of course) is key, along with a regular treatment at home to keep it looking its best. She loves a monthly treatment of oil left in her hair overnight to keep locks looking shiny and a good quality Argan oil will do the trick nicely.

Diet – the French woman knows beauty is from the inside out and keeps her diet simple, yet flavoursome and fresh. Contrary to popular belief her diet is not all high fat pastries, butter, un café and Champagne. She sticks to a healthy Mediterranean diet, eating fresh healthy whole foods and good fats as the basis, but she also knows that the occasional indulgence is good for the soul. She applies the same belief to alcohol and keeps her intake to a moderate consumption level, preferring wine or Champagne to anything else.

Makeup – as we’ve already discovered the French woman prefers her natural beauty to shine through, she doesn’t try to change how she looks and ultimately who she is but works with what she has and enhances her natural beauty. To this end she prefers a simple make up routine and keeps her look minimalistic while bringing out her best features. She might opt for a classic bold lip to add a little éclat (sparkle) or a smoky eye and a natural lip.

And most importantly the best beauty tip from the French is their natural ‘joie de vivre’, which keeps them looking young, healthy and oh so chic.

Tarnya Cook

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Tarnya Cook is the owner + operator of Tarnya Cook Skin & Wellness, she recognises the importance of beautiful skin inside and out and is widely influenced by the secrets of French beauty. Tarnya is a multi-disciplined skin, nail and beauty therapist whose passion lies in creating amazing skin for her clients.