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Patrice Gibbons is the founder of Zurii, a luxe handcrafted fashion pieces label that is designed for beautiful women creating change. Each day she provides women with access to gorgeous, high quality, ethically handcrafted pieces – think handbags, wallets, scarves and jewellry, that also give back.

Zurii is all about fashion for good … and helping women be the most beautiful versions of themselves inside and out.




What is your core message / mission in the world?

My mantra is “together, we are changing the world, one handbag at a time!”

I really believe that as a collective of smart, driven, socially conscious woman can make a difference in the world, simply by making kind and ethical choices when we shop.

And ethical doesn’t mean ugly. I am all about showing women we can have beautiful things in our life that are created in a way that makes a positive impact in the lives of others, rather than a negative one.


What are you plans for your business in 2017?
2017 is set to be a big year for Zurii. Right now I am working on our next collection, which will drop mid year. It is shaping up to be a gorgeous range with some really exciting new designs and styles. I can’t wait to share it with our tribe.

I’m also launching our new Giving Back initiative. This project is very close to my heart. It will see us give 50 women across Africa access to microfinance loans and financial literacy training so they can start or grow a business, earn an income for their family, and become financially independent.

This is the soul behind Zurii. Women like you and I making a difference through the simple act of shopping (which we love anyway!).




In your business, what have some of the highlights been?
Nothing beats the thrill of seeing one of my pieces being worn out in the world. I still catch me breath when I see a beautiful, empowered woman with a Zurii handbag on her shoulder, or pulling her wallet out to pay for a coffee. The highlight is in knowing together we are making a practical difference. Women here are getting access to ethically made pieces they love, and in return women thousands of miles away are getting access to education and opportunity. It’s why I do this.  


In particular, what has been your most recent major success?
My proudest moment was hearing the story of Kevine, one of the talented women in Uganda handcrafting our beaded jewellery. She is the definition of a go-getter. She opened two of her own businesses after saving money from the orders she made for Zurii. Just knowing  that by chasing my dream I’ve been able to help another woman make hers comes true. It a humbling and incredible feeling.


What has working with Genine done for your business?
Genine has bought a great external perspective to my business and challenged my thinking. When you are growing a new business you can get too close to every idea and decision. It’s paralysis by analysis. The struggling is real! Genine has helped me pull back. I am now working on my business with confidence, rather than in it with fear.




Would you recommend other women to work with Genine and if so, who and why?
Yes, absolutely. Any woman who has a dream for her business and her life, but feels the path to achieve it is not quite clear or on target can benefit from working with Genine.


What advice do you have for other women wanting to start their own business?
Just close your eyes, fight the fear and do it. There will be a thousand thing you don’t know in the early stages. You will make makes along the way. But you learn from them, and it’s ok to make them Remember to enjoy the challenge each day brings. The other tip is to have a great support network in place. People who have your back and who can add value to you during the journey.  Think mentor, coach, other women in business. Support and networking are keys to success.




What is your version of an extraordinary life?
My extraordinary life combines my love for ethical fashion and travel. It’s my husband and I travelling the globe sourcing new pieces, designs and product lines to bring to our customers. Ultimately I want Zurii to be a one-stop-shop for beautiful fashion pieces that empower women everywhere. There is also ample champagne in my extraordinary life!

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