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What it’s really like to move to the country – we take a journey with a city family who are leaving all big smoke behind and heading to the country.

“Sorry, you’re what?!” “Moving to the country.” “Really?”

It’s amazing the different responses people give you when you share this news.

Some people are so happy for you and say that a tree change has been their lifelong dream.

Some people say ‘Please don’t tell my husband! He’s being trying to get me to go for years’.

Others are appalled at the distance we will have to drive for a coffee.

We are really going. We have sold our perfectly nice suburban house in a perfectly nice suburb, next door to the world’s nicest neighbour, where we live a perfectly nice life and have bought 130 acres on a river, a 100 year old farmhouse and a new adventure for our family. An adventure with a pony, free range cooks and free range children and possibly snakes … but we won’t think about them too much!

There’s also tank water, septic tanks, not fantastic mobile reception and a cattle crush that this little farmer’s wife will need to learn to use, but what is life if you don’t get to learn something new! I have a feeling I’m going to miss good sushi and the occasional takeaway but I’m looking forward to growing more and making more.

There is nothing wrong with a life in the ‘burbs but we weren’t ready to get to ninety and think that there could have been more to life than crowded trains and traffic jams. While I don’t think I’ll turn into the perfect farmer’s wife overnight, I do hope it gives me more time to live a real life with my little business and more time with my family, which really is the whole point of this adventure.

I know we are not the only people to move to the country. There are TV shows, blogs and books, full of people doing it too and yes. That does make me feel slightly less crazy! We have been dreaming about it for years and my husband has well and truly embraced his inner Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall. Crazy hair and all.

The kids will be starting at a country school and my daughters ballet lessons will be a bit of a drive … but the opportunity to have a muddy childhood, building treehouses, growing veggies and fishing in your own backyard outweighs distance travelled for us.

Who knows if this is going to be exactly what we have dreamt about. We could come racing back to the city, gumboots trailing behind us. Maybe we are supposed to live on a tropical island, or a cabin in the wilderness, or a tiny house – although I think I draw the line at a tiny house! This is an adventure we just have to try.

The kids have started planning. Planning their dream orchard, what to do with our very first egg from our own chooks, veggie gardens, cubbies and the best bike riding spots.

I have started planning too – the best spot to pop open the bubbly, look out over our very own paddocks and toast to our new adventure. I am ready and really looking forward to sharing this adventure with you.


Natalie Fourie

Natalie is an Early Childhood Teacher who lives with her husband, children and border collie on a cattle property in NSW. Natalie is also the co-owner of Nightie Night Lane. Designing and creating Australian made, organic cotton children’s nightwear that is as comfortable as it is beautiful and available online. She is a wife and mum of two and understands the craziness that is the wife/mum/business owner/teacher/ farmer life.