Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

One of the biggest goals for many women is to become financially secure, sooner rather than later and to kick butt when it comes to creating their own wealth.  Beyoncé kindly points out, ‘best revenge is your paper’, but exactly how do you drive your own financial success?

The very first step to empowering yourself financially is to consider your own relationship with money.

Money by its very nature is an energy.  It is a form of exchange that carries a very powerful emotional connection or charge to it.  The exchange might be your time and effort for a set hourly rate, or it might be what you are willing to do for a nominated amount.  Either way, the effect that this exchange can have on us will either leave us feeling appreciated and valued, or tired and resentful.  Your energy around money will show up in the way you keep your financial affairs, your shopping habits (retail therapy is very real) and the language you use to frame your money situation.

One of the greatest lessons you can learn around manifesting more wealth is to appreciate this fundamental belief and lose the spell that money has you under.  You can fear it, worship it or give too much power to ‘money’. The emotional connections you have with the concept of ‘wealth’ will also ultimately shape your financial outcomes.

Developing a healthy consciousness when it comes to all financial matters is one of the most important skills you can learn, both in business and your personal matters.  Financial decisions should really be based on the fundamentals of finance i.e. ‘do the numbers stack up’, not on an emotional reaction to a situation.  If you currently agonise over financial decisions, feel a rise of guilt, unworthiness or fear when thinking about your own financial situation, this might be the very thing that is holding you back or sabotaging your success.

Removing negative blocks or limiting beliefs around your financial situation can be difficult for some, but not impossible.  It can be as simple as recognising your emotional connection to money and the energy you give it, then concentrate on making all your thoughts the opposite.  If you are tired of the money struggle, consider ‘re-framing’ your relationship with money by promising yourself to think about it differently.

For many women, they have an innate desire for fulfilment, especially where success and security are concerned.  There is no doubt that more money gives us more choices in life, so if we are in a position where we can start making decisions on how best to make that money work, consider harnessing the energy around money and putting it to work for you.


Jodie Nolan

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Jodie is passionate about teaching people about money, the core fundamentals that should be taught in our schools – but still aren’t. Jodie is making a real difference in not only adult financial education, but more importantly for our next generation to give them the best financial start possible. After struggling with her own financial situation, Jodie found a way to direct her energies into a path to retrieve her wealth and help people along the way. Whether one is looking for solutions to personal finance issues or needs to maximise their business presence, each section of the book demonstrates step by step how one can easily recover and advance ones own financial position.