Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

It’s no secret that most New Year’s resolutions fail.

But what if you could make your New Year’s resolutions stick this year? Would you meditate more, spend less, or fit into those jeans you just had to have?

No matter what your New Year’s resolution is, you can absolutely accomplish it, and it’s all about mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you resolve to make a change on New Year’s Eve or in the middle of May — what matters most is how bad you want it.

There are thousands of best-selling books, videos and even yearlong coaching programs dedicated to goal-setting, and there are a few fundamental points in common.

Be honest about what you really want.

Most resolutions have an invisible “I should” prefacing them. I should eat more vegetables. I should exercise five days a week. But just because you should doesn’t mean you actually will.

Make sure you absolutely can’t live without it.

Your ideal resolution will be the first thing you think about in the morning when you awake, and the last thing you’ll think about crawling into bed at night. Choose a resolution that ignites a fire in your belly and makes you feel alive. The truth is, your desperation for a positive outcome is directly proportional to your likelihood of success.

Create concrete reminders of your goal and review daily.

If your goal is to travel, then plan a trip, draft the itinerary and book the reservation. Create a vision board packed with pictures that represent your goal, and hang it in a visible location. If your goal is to lose weight, buy a dress in your goal size. But don’t hang it in the back of your closet — hang it inside your pantry door so you can see it every time you reach for the cookies.

On a weekly basis, re-evaluate your strategy with clear, measurable objectives.

Creating realistic action steps every week is where you will really gain traction. Just two to three steps per week can help you generate the momentum you need to catapult your success. For example: This week I will attend one yoga class, skip dessert on Wednesday, and walk on my lunch break.

Celebrate the ALL the wins, both big and small.

Achieving your big goal calls for celebration, but don’t forget about those little wins along the way. Celebrating the little wins will keep you motivated about your efforts. There will be ups and downs on your journey, and your resolve will be strengthened by consistently evaluating and rewarding yourself for your progress.


Kristal Fiorentino

Kristal has been leading life-changing workshops and assisting private clients in creating life transformations since 2006. Beside international certifications in coaching and yoga therapy life experience has also been proven invaluable. After losing her father to cancer, Kristal fine-tuned her meditation and yoga practice to meet her own deep needs, having breakthroughs both personal and professional. Now, she shares her extensive knowledge and experience with others so they, also, may experience incredible healing and transformation in their own lives.