Luxury Travel With Children
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Luxury travel with children needn’t be a stressful experience and adding luxe travel to your life can fill it with unforgettable experiences – for you and your children, as Noor Hibbert explains.

I wholeheartedly believe that life should be extraordinary and travelling is a fundamental part of doing that.

There is no joy in squeaky beds, dirty bathrooms or rubbish service. The old adage of “we are only sleeping in it” doesn’t work with me anymore. After the birth of my daughter, I wasn’t willing to give up my love for travel or my desire to experience the finer things in life. I wanted my cake and I wanted to eat it!

Holidays should be magical and should allow you to experience a slice of life that is on the more luxurious side of things.

However, I know many parents are afraid of travelling with their kids.  For some reason, people find it hard to associate luxury and family friendly and therefore feel they have to choose between one or another.

If you are one of them, this article is for you. Let me dispel some of the myths.

1. The cost will be too high

Since I refuse to downgrade my holiday expectations, I know I need to get more creative when booking trips with the kids.

When we decided to travel to LA, Vegas And Hawaii for three weeks last year with our three-year-old and five month old – an expensive trip. Then I came across a deal to fly with Ethiopian Airlines. I will admit, I was initially put off, but the adventurer in me decided to give it a go. I was so pleasantly surprised! Their service was great, the plane was brilliantly equipped and the food was fine. They were so welcoming and went out of their way to make us comfortable. We were even allocated us an extra row so that the kids could sleep – now that is what I call luxury! Really, it felt like first class!

I booked family rooms in lovely four-star hotels and since it was our wedding anniversary, I let them know beforehand and we got upgraded. Definitely explore booking flights and hotels separately.

Check out Trivago for some great deals on luxury hotels.

2. Luxury boutique hotels are a no-no

These are usually a lot smaller and generally aren’t as equipped for children, so I tended to avoid them. However, we have had some amazing experiences staying in luxury boutique hotels, particularly in Bali. We stayed at the L-Hotel, a small boutique hotel in Seminyak, and the service was like no other. They even brought up little gifts of our daughter and we had a butler for our room!

So check out websites such as and you’ll find a family friendly section with some great little boutique places.

3. Our kids will bother other holiday makers, who think luxury is kid-free

Many families restrict their travel because they are genuinely scared that they will adverse impact other people whom they have never even met. Chances are your kid will be absolutely fine and will not bother other holiday goers. It seems ludicrous that you should inhibit your life experiences based on stranger’s opinions.

However, if you are still concerned, villas are also an amazing option for families. They give you privacy and peace of mind that you aren’t impeding on anybody. You also have the freedom of putting your kids asleep while you catch a few rays outside!

3. Luxury hotels don’t cater for children

Some of the best luxury hotels are super family friendly. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore and the pool, which is the highest infinity pool in the world, was full of kids! We arrived with a sleeping baby and were quickly ushered into a VIP check-in area. No queue AND they upgraded us as well.

Our 5-star hotel in Egypt was not only beautiful in itself, but it had fabulous swim up rooms and a waterpark in the hotel. A luxury hotel with a whole waterpark – perfect for children!

4. Long haul luxury with children is too hard

Planning is key here.  Pick night flights, where possible, so that your children are more inclined to sleep. Our children slept for 80 per cent of the long flight from LA to Tokyo. Most big airlines have sky cots or baby bassinets for babies under 21 month old. You also get extra leg roomy default if you book these, given the location of the seats! Make sure to ring up and ask beforehand.

Also, ask for extra seats empty flights at check-in. I have done this a few times and had rows for the girls to sleep on.

5. The food will be too high-end and we will struggle to find food suitable for our kids

Typically, the more luxurious the accomodation, the bigger and better the food selection and generally speaking, it is fresh food not processed rubbish.


So my gorgeous ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to the myths you have around luxury travel with children and start embracing the fact you can, in fact, have your cake and eat it.


Noor Hibbert

Noor is a Certified Business and Life Success Coach on a mission to help mothers create a business they love around their lifelong job of being a mum.