Is Living Your True Purpose In Life, All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

Do you really need to ‘find your purpose’ in order to live an extraordinary life?

When scrolling through our newsfeed, it doesn’t take long before there will be a post about, ‘how to live our true purpose in life’, will pop up.

We see it everywhere.

‘Live A Purposeful Life’ they say. ‘Follow Your Passion’, ‘Turn your passion into profit’ reads the headline.

But is it really a necessary ingredient to live a luxe life, to make a difference in the world and to be truly content with our only life.

Well in short – YES! And in long – absolutely YES!

By harnessing our true genius zone and doing what we absolutely love to do, it enables us to share our best self with the world. When we are truly in flow, we are content and happy and our energy beams onto everyone we meet, in a way that makes them draw breath and feel connected to us.

Think for a moment about Oprah.

She has been known to walk into a room and people start crying. She hasn’t even said anything yet, but her energy and presence precedes her. The only way this can ever take place, is when we are purely content and happy with our life and every cell of our body beams with excitement about the difference we are making in our life and the lives of those around us.

Imagine waking up one day and knowing that every minute of your day, will be spent doing what you love to do and working with people who truly honour your gifts. Now keep imaging as you do this every day of the week, month and year!

This life is not a dress rehearsal.

And yes, you get paid for doing what you love, when you do it from a place of giving not taking. But for most people I know living their why (or as I like to say, ‘Y’) Y, it’s not about the money.

In my personal opinion, gone are the days where people dream about a celebrity lifestyle, as after closer examination, many are terribly unhappy, lonely and broke. Isn’t it better to earn more than you need, work with people who you know you can help and actually make a lasting difference in their lives?

After mentoring many women in business over the past five years, here are three tips that I feel will help you gain some clarity around what you true gifts are:

  1. Think back to your school days and look for clues within your school reports that your teachers would say about your strengths.
  2. When your friends call you for a favour, look for a common theme around what they are asking for, as there in lies a clue for one of your gifts.
  3. If you could spend a whole month doing what you love to do in business, knowing that someone else is maintaining your life and bills, what would you be doing?

For many ladies who do my online Purpose Finder course, they uncover things about themselves that they just couldn’t see, as they were too close to the magic. Often our loved ones and close friends can see our gifts, as clear as if they were wrapped up and sitting on our heads!

Years ago, when I was mentoring a client, she said to me, ‘Shar, you should be called the Y Woman, as every time I’m with you, or see you meet someone for the first time, you ask them Y they do what they do’. I realised in that moment, that that was one of my gifts.

Asking something so powerful to a complete stranger, allowed them to move from their head to their heart and answer honestly, which in turn allowed me to truly ‘see’ them through their business cards and fancy logos. When we connect with people based on Y they do what they do, we connect at a heart level and personally, that is the only connection I entertain these days.

Think about it. This life is not a dress rehearsal. We don’t get to do it again, or hit reset like on a video game. This is it!

So if this is it, are you truly living the life you want for yourself, or are you living the life you think you ‘should’ be living?

My advice. Stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself, find your Y and get out there and live every precious moment as if it was your last, as one day it will be.

Shar Moore


International Award Winning Mentor, Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder of YMagazine. An accomplished businesswoman, with an extensive background in executive positions, an entrepreneur for more than 11 years, Shar has been the creative force behind a number of successful ventures. Shar took all the lessons from the adversities she faced and created a business network group, became an Author, Keynote Speaker and is also the CEO & Founder of YMag, a magazine focusing on Y you do what you do.