How To Become The Superhero Of Your Own Life And Business
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The secret to being your own life and business superhero is simple … 

All little boys dream of growing up to be Superman don’t they and little girls, well, they dream of growing up to be Barbie.

At least that’s how it was in my generation – boys wore blue and played with toy trucks and we girls wore pink dresses and believed we’d grow up and marry Prince Charming.

How times change and thank the stars they do! 

Unlock you super-conscious mind.

I would have loved to grow up believing I could be Superman and take charge of my own life … moving any obstacle out of my way with a well-placed out-breath.

What if you could be your own superhero, to take control of your life and business and to fly through it all with no stumbling blocks getting in the way!

There is a way to become the superhero of your own life and it starts with this little know Superhero Secret.

The secret to being your own life and business superhero is simple.

All you need to do is unlock your Superhero mind.

You might be familiar with your conscious mind and your unconscious mind but did you know about your super-conscious mind?

It’s the gateway to your heightened intuition and connection with your higher self. It’s also the part of you that can access all your gifts and abilities as well as knowledge you don’t yet know that you have.

How do you unlock your super-conscious mind?

Here are 2 things you need to do to unlock you super-conscious mind.

1. Clean up the clutter in your unconscious mind.

The clutter found in your unconscious mind is the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and dissatisfied with one or more parts of your life.

They are the beliefs that you have picked up through your journey in this life from society, your education and your upbringing as well as through negative experiences that you have had.

Some even travel with you from previous lifetimes.

All of them can be cleaned up using the modality of your choice (psychology, energy medicine, journaling, affirmations etc.).

2. Learn to trust not only yourself but also your intuition and higher self (or guides). 

Trust takes practice. Ask for guidance and intuitive hits and when you get them test them out and learn to trust them.

The more you test the easier it becomes to trust.

By unlocking your super-conscious mind you will be able to connect more fully with the power within you; that part of you that knows who you really are.

The part of you that wants to take your hand and lead you forward into the future you’ve been dreaming about creating – the life and business that is rightfully yours … no Prince Charming required.


Anne Aleckson


Anne is the Soul Speaker, giving a voice to the power within through her innate ability to direct voice channel a highly evolved non-physical stream of consciousness and use the vibration of the spoken word to help you to transcend struggle, step into flow and become your fully embodied potential – the powerful creator of your life and business. Connect with Anne on Facebook and join her Mind Your Own Vibration community.