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Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

As a business owner, I totally get the stresses of business … cash-flow, not enough money, not enough time to work on everything you need to, where to market, how to market … the list goes on.

Know that even though my business may look shiny and exciting on the outside, underneath there is a hell of a lot of focused work and energy behind the scenes. I mean, I have two children (both under 4 years old) and I run TWO businesses – crazy, hey?

So, how do I manage to ‘do it all’ with style and grace?

Well firstly, let’s get something straight. I am human, as we all are, and the joy of being human is that sometimes we don’t get things right. Sometimes I am a bit of a mess and all over the shop. Other days (and thankfully, most days) I am super clear on what I need to do, where my energies need to be focused and how I am going to achieve my goals.

So let’s talk about the days when I am super clear on what I need to do, and what is the secrets to running my businesses (and family) with style and grace. These are the days when I am a manifesting machine, bringing in the income I desire for what I desire, marketing without the ‘urgh’, booking clients, getting to my emails and sorting out all the ‘to-do’s on the list. And it is not as far out of your reach as you would think. Here are my top five ways to do business with style and grace;

  1. Start the day with a powerful affirmation

In the last couple of years, not a day goes by where I don’t start my day with an affirmation that is related to my over goal. My affirmations regularly change – perhaps every couple of months or so – once I have nailed that belief and ingrained it into my business.

For example, over the past few months I have made raising my wealth consciousness a priority. For me, this year is all about seeing what really is possible when it comes to money and the concept of wealth. So each day my mantras consist of a number of affirmations, namely with this powerful one;

Money flows easily towards me.

It’s simply, profound and really gets to the point of any money-consciousness behaviours. It also starts my day on a positive note and sets the mode for my attitude to my business. This type of affirmation ensures that I go into my day with the confidence and trust that all is well in my business and therefore allows me to ‘get on with things’ rather than staying stuck in the fear around being constricted by money.

You are welcome to borrow my mantra above or you may choose that your daily affirmation centres around your health, or self-care, self-love … whatever is going on for you at that time that may need a little positive encouragement. But no that what you focus on grows, so adding a /many daily affirmations into your routine prepares your mind for business that becomes effortless.

  1. Own Your Unique Brilliance

This is one that we women tend to get a little icky about – owning your unique brilliance. What I mean by that is simply acknowledging your worth and your skills. Think about it this way, how can a potential client value you/your business/services if you don’t ‘own it’ yourself?

So how about we all take a pledge to stop the self-depreciation and instead, own our own unique brilliance and let it shine through so others can see it too. Once we can set aside our own judgements of worthiness or being ‘good enough’ the world opens up to us in amazing, abundant ways. I know this firsthand. Once I fully stepped into being able to call myself a “coach” and really embrace that not only do I love coaching women, but I am darn good at it, that is when the clients started to flow in. And not just any clients, but my absolute ideal clients – clients who made my business life a joy, and hence gave me a business that flowed with style and grace. 

So my advice is to get out of your own way and own it, girlfriend!

  1. Structure Your Day

Okay, now this one sounds obviously, but do you really structure your day? Do you know what you need to achieve each day, when you are going to do it and how it will be done?

Many of us start the day with zest and excitement about the possibilities of what the day will bring … but by 11am are so overwhelmed with emails and their to-do list that they are zapped of all energy and enthusiasm.

How to get around this?

Schedule your life in your diary. Yep, all of it. Wake up time, breakfast, shower, exercise, client calls, breaks, email catch ups … the works!

I was sitting with a new client yesterday at a coffee shop and I was adding her sessions to my calendar – she took a peek at my diary and could not get over how scheduled out my week was. In fact, my diary is scheduled to THE MINUTE. Yep – family time is scheduled in, time with hubby scheduled in, marketing time, scheduling social media time … in fact I also schedule in time for a mind break EVERY DAY.

By sorting my calendar this way I can factor on how long tasks will take me and ensure that everything that needs to be done is scheduled in to do. It also means that if I get an offer to catch up for a coffee with a friend or perhaps a business opportunity, I have full clarity and choice over whether to take up that offer. Oh, and Thursday afternoons are my fav … me time!

  1. Ditch The To-Do List

Ladies, ditch the to-do list. I know! Being a former control-freak and born Virgo, I always loved a to-do list – the longer the better.

Nowadays I know better – all a to-do list does is sits on your shoulders and reminds you of all the gazillion, trillion things that need to be done in your world, when in actual fact, half or more, realistically doesn’t need to be done at all. Our left brains love a to-do list – the order, the analytical nature of it… but our right brains – who crave creativity – go into shut down mode and the outcome is often that noting is achieved at all!

A far better way to start your day is to sit down with some quiet meditative time. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “What is the ONE thing I could do today to take me closer to my goals?”

Allow for what comes up to be your inspired action for the day. And, if at worst you do NOTHING other than this one thing, know that you have taken a step closer to your goal, and that is all that matters. Much of the other ‘to-do’s really aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. I find it is such a powerful statement to ask myself each morning and clears the clutter. Try it and see what inspired action comes from it!

  1. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Now this one is a biggie for me and has taken me quite a few years to hone (in fact I haven’t quite nailed this one yet, but hey, we are all a work in progress).

Focus. On. One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Yes, I said one thing at a time. And this refers to your entire business as much as it does to each and every minute of your day. Focus. Focus. Focus.

So, my story is that I am a bit of a serial entrepreneur. I always had more than one business on the go (currently still do, but again – we are all a work in progress), I was always launching something new, working on this part of the business, and that part of the business … it was totally exhausting! Think about the amount of energy that is required to run not one business, but two, plus be a mother, a wife, friend, daughter … ah! Let alone the energy that leaks out when we try and achieve all number of actions in one day. It’s like a bucket of water with holes in the bottom with energy leaking out as fast as it can be filled up.

So what is the alternative?

Focus. Focus. Focus. I cannot say it enough. Just think about the power that is behind your undivided attention, the energy behind all your clarity and focus on one thing – whether it be finishing off your weekly newsletter, spending time with your kids in the backyard, or designing your business plan for success … focus on one thing.

When you harness all your energy into a singular vision, it is like a river rushing down a stream – there is real power and force behind it. However, if you are dabbling here, wandering over there it is akin to a stream trickling out through tributaries … there is no energy or power behind that water to make an impact.

And to put some ease into those control freaks, you don’t have to ALWAYS focus on this one thing. All you have to do is nail it. And THEN you can move on.

So would you love a business that is flowing with ease, is style, abundance and grace? Start with these five things … starting with number 1. Remember, focus on it, nail it and then move on!

Here’s to doing business with style & grace,

Genine x

CEO & Editor, Genine Howard








Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues. With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances. She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them confidence, branding and mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe, passionate, on-purpose life.